“You Have To Be Creative To Make Money With Art” – Bright Ackwerh

Photograph of Bright Ackwerh taken by Kwame Pocho

Sadly, we live in a part of the world that underappreciates artists. For an artist here, being good at your art and making money off it are two different conversations. So the thing is, Ghanaians actually do love Ghanaian art. However, that doesn’t translate to money in our artists’ pockets. No, for an artist to make money, “they have to be creative.”

Bright Ackwerh is recognized as an incredible talent when it comes to visual arts. In his opinion, pursuing art is more viable in other countries than it is here because of better opportunities for monetization in those countries. Still, Bright is creative about making a living off his art. And these are some of the ways that he earns from his craft.


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