Watch Worlasi Perform ‘Animate’ Live

Worlasi ft Senku Bank (image via YouTube)

Worlasi is undoubtedly one of GH’s finest live performers. 

If you haven’t seen him perform before, your life is definitely incomplete because the man has a way of grabbing and holding your attention while he performs and 10 out of 10 times, whether you know the song or not, you can get swept in the enjoyment! Lol 


He obviously has fun on stage and his energy is easily contagious.

Worlasi dropped a video of himself performing the song, Animate with the Senku Band and of course it was effortlessly flawless.

(Is it obvious we are huge fans?) 

The song is from a joint album they dropped late last year Worla: The Man and The God (it’s a perfect album by the way). The album was recorded live and all instrumentals were by the Senku Band, vocals by Worlasi. 

Worlasi ft Senku Bank (image via YouTube)

Animate is just one of the well done songs on the album about a woman’s body (wink wink) or any body you want it to be about… and, here’s the video of the two vibing naturally while doing what they obviously enjoy doing… making music!


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