Update Your Movie List Because ICYMI We Are Still Staying Home

brooklyn nine nine
brroklyn nine nine

Some of us might have spent this whole period watching movies and series; both new and old. Well, we have news for you guys!

The lockdown has been lifted but schools are still closed enti the kraaakraaa of it is that we are still home. lol

Classes are ongoing online. Exams are coming on because clearly Coro can humble everyone but the end of semester exams *sighs*

So while we experience perpetual lockdown, update your movie and series collection with the following.


Scarface movie review & film summary (1983) | Roger Ebert
Scarface photo via rogererbet.com

Under the genres of mafia, adventure, thriller, drama, action and crime fiction.  Now that’s a power-packed movie. Ever wondered where fictional Tony Montana and Manolo in rap songs came from. Watch this


Brooklyn Nine-Nine | About the Show & Meet the Cast | FOX
Brooklyn Nine Nine photo via fox.com

This series is really funny.  Ain’t got many words for it. This will somehow make you love cops.

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