Tips To Stay Safe If You’re Taking Tro Tro To Work

Photo by Lê Minh from Pexels

With the lockdown being lifted, some of us are back to our days of the 9 to 5. However, just because the lockdown came to an end doesn’t mean that the Coronavirus threat is not still significant. If you don’t have a car, you find yourself having to take a trotro to get to work. Here are some tips to follow in order to stay safe.

Change Your Commuting Hours

Social distancing can be hard when the whole trotro is full. There is literally no way to put some space between you and the person that is sitting next you. So, a way around this is to change the times that you move to and from work. It can be uncomfortable leaving the house before you have to, but in the long run that’s better for your health. Besides, you can still get some sleep when you do get to the office.


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