Tips To Avoid Losing Work In Case Of “Light Off”

Blurred Photo by Paul Cameron from Pexels

So, the lockdown has been lifted, but some of us are still working from home. If you’re a student, you haven’t gone back to school either. When you’re at the office, the generator kicks in when you lose power and you can get right back to work. However, when you’re home and the lights go out, it will affect your day. Here are some tips to save your work form the doings of ECG.

Change Your AutoRecover Frequency In Office Apps

Whenever your computer goes off without warning, Word or whatever office app that you’re using will try to recover what you’ve been working on. By default, Office apps save your work every 10 minutes. You know where you are, the lights are not guaranteed. Change that to 1 minute. Saving your work every minute means that you won’t lose much when the lights do go off. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Click On File (From Any Microsoft Office Application)

Step 2: Click On Options (From Any Microsoft Office Application)


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