The Meaning Of The Term “Fa Hooki Me” & Sark’s Plan For It

Sarkodie//Hook It

So there’s a new phrase… Okay, it’s actually been around on Twitter for a while but it looks like the grown-ups” are now hearing about it.

Specifically Sark.

Sarkodie tweeted about “Fa Hooki Me” because he was confused. His Sark Nation kept giving him that line and he’d had it!!!

But the creative in him jumped out and curiosity got the best of him.

So.. what does Fa Hooki Me mean?

From what we have seen on social media, we can say for a fact that it means “Give me more info” or “I am very interested” or “I love it so much I want more”.

Fa Hooki Me comes in different variations: “Hook it” “Hooki Me” or the dbee version it started out as, “Hook it to my veins“.

The term is usually used with memes and gifs of someone injecting something into their arm and the emoji is the syringe emoji

💉 Syringe Emoji
image via Emojipedia

But…what kind of responses did Sarkodie get?

Take a look at the responses to Sarkodie!

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