Care For Your Braids With These Simple Steps

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The partial lockdown has been lifted and yet your favourite hairdresser is still on lockdown. She cannot come and kill herself at all.

Your braids are however a month old and are in desperate need of some Tender Loving Care.

Let us show you how you can keep your old braids fresh and near since most of us still have our braids on.

Gentlemen don’t stop scrolling, this could be useful for your mom, sisters or girlfriends.

Protect your hair at night. Already most of us wear scarfs and nets at night when we are about to sleep.Just keep up with that practice.

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Keep your scalp moist to prevent dryness. Do this at least two to three times a week, using a leave-in conditioner of your choice or moose if you want.

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Wash your braids. You could also wash your braids to remove dirt and dandruff.

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With the stray hairs popping up, you could trim them and place your hair into hot water, dry your hair Then place all the extension in hot water, dry them up and style them and you are good to go!

Also, once in a while you could style your edges or wrap your hair in a band or a scarf.

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With these, your braids will bounce back to almost brand new. From our natural hair team, stay beautiful and practice social distancing. Don’t forget to wash your hands.


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