5 Different Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Own

Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Own

Not everyone is enthused about wearing a bra but the kind of society we are in demands that we should and if you don’t it’s “indecent” because your nipples will probably be showing and your boobs will be freer to move about as they want. And well… it will distract the male workers too.

When we absolutely need to wear bras, we need to wear the right types. They cannot be showing when we wear certain clothes hence, the different types of bras that have been made.

Here are 5 of them you absolutely need to have in your closet.

  1. Normal T-shirt Bras
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They are worn under Tshirts, work shirts and dresses that cover them fully so that the straps do not show. The cups of the bra always hold their shape, even when breasts aren’t in them, and are made of thicker materials that provide great nipple coverage. You need to get these bras in colours that will not show under transparent clothes.

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