Some UDS Students Share Their Thoughts On Sex Before Marriage A.K.A “Testing Waters”

Sex Before Marriage with counselor adofoli
Sex Before Marriage with counselor adofoli

Testing waters basically refers to having sex before marriage. We at KuulpeepsUDS wanted to find out what students thought about sex before marriage and some answers we got were mind-blowing.

A couple of guys were all in for the idea with the reason being they can’t be the ones to teach their future wives to be “bad girls” in marriage. Pretty good reason right?

Imagine you marry someone who doesn’t know any type of foreplay, all they know is getting the D in the V- absolutely boring!

Though marriage isn’t purposely for just sex we all know lack of satisfaction is one the major causes of cheating and sometimes divorce. Some guys also had the ideology of “how will you know this is the type of p***y you prefer if you don’t test waters??”

A few others hit us with the perspective of religion and an absolute no because it’s a sin and it’s not morally right- cliche and expected right? They buttressed their answer with the point that sex is meant to be learnt and one doesn’t have to know all about it before marriage.

A further thought was given to the fact that those testing waters are not only breaking the virginity of innocent people but are also putting themselves at risk of all forms of STIs since they are going to be banging multiple people till they meet the supposed right person.

It was also said that females who test waters and end up with a dull partner in future will definitely cheat since they might not get the level of satisfaction. As such, to be on the safer side, it’s best we all abstain and be first-timers with our partners. That way no one would expect much from the other- Good point there!


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  1. I will go for sex before marriage in a sense that your have to know your partner before marriage to avoid meeting a dull partner


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