How A Hospital Visit With His Mother Helped Moor Sound To Stop Smoking

Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

Starting an addictive behaviour is one thing. Getting rid of addictive behaviour is a whole new ball game.

It is even a stronger battle when that addictive behaviour one wants to quit is smoking.

But that was the battle that Moor Sound decided to fight after he paid a visit to the hospital with his mother last year.

His mother had broken her leg and it was Moor Sound’s job to be taking his her to the hospital for her regular physiotherapy.

“Every time I go to the hospital, I see all these sick people. It just made me think about my life,” Moor Sound said in an Emergers 2020 interview with

All the sick people he saw at the hospital were there because they were suffering from chronic diseases.

“They were there because of their genes which is not their fault but I realised that unlike them my habit can just bring me here too and I was like no,” Moor Sound added.

It was at that moment in July 2019, that Moor Sound made that life-saving decision to quit smoking.

It’s been a hard journey

– Moor Sound

“I have always known that smoking was going to affect me,” he explained. However, he said “seeing people in the hospital really sick, I was like I am not going to come here of my own making. If I am ever going to come here it should be something that I didn’t cause.”

Prior to his July 2019 decision to quit smoking, Moor Sound he had been smoking cigarettes.

He picked up the habit in high school and he had been smoking regularly since then.

It’s done its toll

– Moor Sound

Though the trip to the hospital was a defining moment, Moor Sound also adds that there is another reason why he quit smoking.

“Another key reason is that in 2019, music really came together for me and I started realizing that people need me to be me so that they too they can be them,” he said.

“I started realizing that and I was like all this can’t shut down just because of my habit. So I decided to take life a little bit more serious and stopped smoking,” the music producer explained.

However, it hasn’t been easy for Moor Sound.

Trying to quit a smoking habit takes a lot of mental and physical strength.

I used to get fevers In the first month THAT I QUIT SMOKING and it made me really see that I was really dependent on nicotine. I can’t go through that again, BECAUSE I got sick and lost weight.

– Moor Sound

It was harder for him because he stopped smoking at once. He didn’t gradually wean himself off the cigarettes and he didn’t use the nicotine patches either.

It was an abrupt end which meant that the body would go through a lot of sudden changes.

At the time of filing this report, Moor Sound had been sober for seven months!!

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