Every Reason Why You Need To Play Music When Having S£x


Everyone loves music right?

It makes everything better and one other thing it does make better is SEX!

Some people always play music when they are about to do the do and in as much as sometimes it’s only because you don’t want anyone in your house or hostel to know what you are up to… there are several reasons why music while having sex is the best thing you could do for your sex life.

Music and sex
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According to research from McGill University, music can help you enjoy sex better. The researchers found that when you listen to music, you release the “feel good” chemical, Dopamine which is why music can boost your mood when you are sad. This same chemical is also released when you are having sex because clearly, you “feel good”.

Now imagine playing music while you get down and dirty…that’s twice the feeling! You are definitely going to feel so good you’d orgasm faster than you usually do!

music and sex
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Music can also set the tone for a perfect night. Playing music you know your partner likes or music you both like can make you two very relaxed and can easily become the wingman you need to get your partner in the mood to explore your body. It’s simple! Put on some The Weeknd, Kwabena Kwabena and just let the romance take control.

music and sex
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Music is also the perfect sound blocker! We know you all know it’s perfect for not letting anyone else hear what you two are up to and also warns people that hey, you just might be busy so can they leave you alone for a while? But…you know those awkward sounds during sex? playing music can help muffle all those sounds and make the experience much more “romantic”.

music and sex
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Ladies and gentlemen, we know that sometimes, you go off the rhythm you found while having sex and we understand that it’s because you are only human and can get distracted! Playing music can help you stay focused and hey you can check your rhythm better by moving with the way the song goes and we promise you will be much more consistent!

music and sex
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Music can also give you and your partner, beautiful memories any time you hear a particular song and for these people…that’s exactly what happened!

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