#COVIDHeroes: Menaye And Her Essential Boxes Of Sanitary Pads

Photo credit: Menaye Donkor Muntari/Instagram

Since President Akufo Addo’s partial lockdown directive first took effect on Monday, March 30 a lot of people have been donating food and food ingredients to the less privileged.

People such as the head porters or the Kayayei, are some of the most vulnerable people in Accra.

As people have been asked to stay at home, few are going to the market and some of the markets have even been closed down.

As a result, these head porters have lost their livelihoods. They basically feed hand to mouth a day at a time.

This makes the donations of relief items such as food and water very essential.

But one of the most overlooked relief items is the sanitary pad.

While they make no money, it would be difficult for the Kayayei to spend the little savings they have (if they actually have any) on sanitary pads while they and their children go hungry.

However, this would also mean that menstruation would become an unsanitary endeavor for them.

The public health issue here is quite high, especially at a time when everybody is expected to be super hygienic to avoid catching coronavirus.

That is why, Menaye Donkor’s donation of sanitary pads is most vital and much needed at this crucial time.

Menaye has always been a champion of helping the underprivileged.

Through her Miss Universe Ghana organization, she has supported a lot of young girls.

Her adopted Menaye School of Hope is also a testament to her unflinching support of those on the fringes of society who need support.

She is an amazing woman and a true heroine.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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