Afrolektra: The Medical Lab Scientist Who Produced R2Bees’ SITE 15

Afrolektra in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Afrolektra in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

In today’s world, one is still encouraged to follow the path of a traditional career.

Medicine, law, teaching and the list goes on and on.

However, a few bold ones are getting their traditional career and going further to follow their dreams and their passions.

Afrolektra is no different.

Afrolektra is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artiste, music producer and a DJ.

When he is in the lab, he is known as Eyram Gbewonyo.

He has been involved in music and anything music-related for the past 9 years.

Professionally, he has done it for five years. During this time, he has worked with various high profile musicians including R2Bees. He is currently the personal producer of Omar Sterling.

It’s actually an everyday thing working with Omar Sterling. It’s very cool.

“Haven to work with someone who I used to watch on television is something else. Today, I have him sitting by my side as we make music together. I think it’s wonderful,” Afrolektra told in an interview.

It’s actually an everyday thing working with Omar Sterling. It’s very cool.


There is a lot of wisdom from people who have had the experience and you get to tap into that wisdom and run with it,” Afrolektra adds.

The day he met the R2Bees musicians is one he would never forget.

“I met them at the time I wanted to give up doing music. I hadn’t really established myself well,” Afrolektra recollects.

“I didn’t have the networks, I didn’t even have a laptop. I was really on ground zero. I really didn’t have anything. It got to a point I used to produce on my phone,” he added.

He credits his growth in the Ghanaian music scene to his working relationship with R2Bees and Offei, the “Santorini” hitmaker.

“Offei is my brother. We were in the same class. He has had the most considerable influence in my life,” Afrolektra told

His love for creating music means that he burns the midnight candle creating tunes.

Afrolektra said he is afraid of the unknown, however, he has stopped panicking now.

“I believe everyone is a Mario in their own life. So whatever happens you need to take the next step. Mario doesn’t go back, he’s always moving forward,” he said quoting Stonebowy.

“There are moments of despair but you still need to keep your head up,” he added.

Watch Afrolektra, The Lab Scientist Turned Producer Talk About Making Hits For R2Bees & More below:


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