A List Of The Countries That Have Extended Coronavirus Lockdown Measures

Vladmir Putin (image via Reuters)

Yesterday we put together a list of countries that have eased their lockdown restrictions, just like Ghana and today, we have put together the countries that are not lifting lockdown restrictions any time soon

Some are yet to get to their end date for the lockdown, some are now putting in lockdown measures and some do not want to risk lifting any lockdown measures despite things looking much better in the country.

Take a look:


The lockdown in the states of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun has been extended until 27 April and honestly, most African countries are also extending lockdown measures as well.


France has renewed its lockdown until 11 May, despite signs the rate of infection is past its peak in Paris.


Although Japan’s measures are still some way short of a full lockdown, the state of emergency introduced on 7 April, which was imposed for a month, gave authorities more power to force people to stay at home and businesses to close. It currently covers about 44% of Japan’s population. Local media reported on Thursday that the country was preparing to expand the emergency nationwide.

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