5 Ways That Coronavirus Has Ruined Final Year For Students


There’s something about the final year of university. It’s when you realize all the things that you’ve been taking for granted since level 100. As much as people dislike to admit it, you begin to feel like you’ll miss this place when you’re gone. You want to try stuff and experience all the things that you thought you were never into.

There’s a certain finality in the air. And although it also comes with some academic pressure, your final year is supposed to be fun. Well, no one is having fun now. Here are some of the ways that Coronavirus has ruined the final year experience.

The Hall Weeks

This actually, is only half bad. The biggest Hall week on the Legon campus, the Pent Hall Week, already happened. Sure there are some halls who didn’t get to celebrate their hall weeks before students were sent home. However, it is much worse for KNUST students. What is their event of the year, the Repu Hall Week, didn’t happen because of Coronavirus.


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