4 Things To Remember Before You Text That Ex

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The country was on lockdown for about 3 weeks before the president recently lifted it. Although it has been lifted, corona is still lurking outside so it’s not advisable to go out. Now since we are all indoors, the mind has been playing all sorts of tricks on us… including letting us play with the idea of texting that ex.

Before you do anything you’ll regret, here are 4 reasons why you should delete that ex’s number so you aren’t tempted to text them again.

  1. You’re bored
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Think about it… You’ve done almost everything there is to do and there’s still so much time left on your hands. You’re tired of watching all those series and movies, cooking, eating, sitting and even sleeping. The one thing that gets you excited is hitting up that ex because you aren’t sure of the response. The thrill of the unknown is what is pushing you to do this. Please do not. It’s the boredom talking.


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