You Won’t Get The Job If Your Nudes Are On Facebook

Our generation underestimates how much social media can affect our real lives. For example, last week, someone sent an email reporting a Twitter user to her boss. So basically, a total stranger reported another total stranger’s onine activity to their boss. Whatever the result ends up being, you don’t want to be in a similar situation.

HR expert, David Mills, gives some social media advice if you are looking for a job.

Your Behaviour Can Affect Employment Outcomes

David recalls an event where a candidate was almost perfect for a job. The lady had all the qualifications on paper. And she aced her interview. However, the interviewing company checked her social media as well. On Facebook, the company found her tagged in her own nude pictures posted by another user. Although, the pictures were posted by someone else (which is probably illegal), the lady did not get the job.

Even if you’re quick to anger, you don’t want to be linked to a string of violent and intolerant comments on the internet. Ghanaian companies will check your social media.


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