Sometimes You Can Wear Jeans To The Interview

Creative Agencies

When you are interviewing at a creative agency or a company with a more casual dressing policy, dress the part. You don’t have to dress so formally for interviews like this unless of course, it is officially communicated to you that you should. Ideally, you should find out in advance how the existing employees dress to work and try to follow suit.

Construction And Engineering

On-site, engineers construction workers usually wear jeans a shirt, their reflectors and other protective gear. According to David, if you walk into an interview dressed for the part you’re going to impress. Again, if a dress code is communicated to you, you want to follow that.

Similar to many other places, in Ghana, there are some countries that are more conservative and there are some companies that are more progressive. You need to understand the company culture when considering how to dress to an interview.


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