Remember This Chuckling Toddler? Kylie Yamoah Is No Longer A Toddler

Kylie Amoah

The baby with sauce is all grown up.

Kylie Yamoah’s video from her days as a toddler went viral online.

In the viral meme, Kylie was sitting in her baby chair watching something on the television that made her laugh. She then turns her head towards someone who was recording her and she gives a big chuckle, rolls her eyes and turns back to continue watching television.

Just in case you need a refresher course:

Well, Kylie is no longer a toddler. She is will turn four on 23rd December this year.

She is in lockdown like all of us and she recently participated in the pillow challenge.

She is a whole mood…

Even her Instagram bio is something else.

“I Am Kylie🤴. A Capricorn ♑️ ,23/12/2016. Student(ClassCaptain). My Video Went Viral Yes, But I am Such A Cool Boss Kid! Keep Up With Me. 👑💕🌺,” it reads.


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