4 Easy And Effective Ways To Gain Weight

Source: huffpost.com

Gaining weight is definitely as difficult as losing weight, just ask any skinny girl you know. Trying so hard to eat right and eat so much to gain the right weight is really hard. When you do gain the weight too, it should be evenly spread in the body and not only concentrated in the abdominal area.

You should remember that gaining weight the right way involves eating right and not just junk foods.

These tips and tricks should be kept in mind.

  1. Eat more calories than your body burns
Skinny People, Where You At? Wonder Why You Can't Gain Weight ...

If you’re not gaining weight, you aren’t eating enough food. Depending on your current size and level of activity, your body burns 1200-2500+ calories every day just doing all of its daily processes; Breathing, Keeping your heart beating, Powering your liver, kidneys, and brain, Powering your movement, Rebuilding muscle and dozens of other things.

Because your body efficiently uses up all of the calories you consume every day, there are no calories left over to build muscle or get stored as fat. So, in order to get bigger, you need to eat ABOVE this the calories you burn consistently. (Source: nerdfitness.com)

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