ATU: Take A Look At The SRC’s Letter To School Management Addressing Concerns Of Students About The E-Learning Platform


As part of the efforts by management to keep the minds of students active on academics, the E-Learning platform was instituted to serve that purpose as instructed by the President of the Republic.

The Students’ Representative Council as part of previous engagement with the student community on the 09-04-2020, submitted that management has been served with a letter by the SRC outlining several challenges surrounding the E-Learning which demands constructive and practical solutions.

Some issues addressed in the letter included not allowing management to grade students based on assignments placed on the E-learning platforms which not all students have access to.

The SRC also raised concerns about students who lived in remote areas and those who didn’t have access to phones and laptops that allow them to access the platform.

Take a look at the full letter here.


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