Owner Of Waakye Guy Guy: “I Started My Business With 220 Cedis”

Waakye Guy Guy is a Ghanaian food delivery company. As their name suggests, the company specializes in selling Waakye… which is pretty ‘guy guy’… lol. We talk to Remy-Tey Chris Jr, business owner of Waakye Guy Guy. He tells us how he got his start as an entrepreneur, and how he started this successful business venture with GHC 220 while he was still in school.

I Thought More Education Was The Answer

Remy is someone who has thoroughly explored the avenues of education available to him. He got his Diploma from the University of Ghana’s Accra City Campus. After that, he got an HND from Accra Technical University. And that’s not all. He went on to get his BSc from GIMPA. According to Remy, he acquired all of these qualifications because he did not truly understand himself. He didn’t know what his path was.

Although he is a qualified Lab Technician, Remy started leaning more towards business. He knew that the amount of effort that he put into his work wasn’t giving him the money that he thought that his efforts were worth. In the end, Remy realized that he would rather do something he had always wanted to, that is owning a business.


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