I’m Lord Tony And I Found My Career Because Of Who I was On Social Media

Marketing has always been about making products and services connect with an audience in a way that the audience could engage with. So, with the number of people online now, the emergence of digital marketing was only natural. Digital marketing is an incredible tool for brand growth.

Enter Lord Tony. Lord Tony is a Creative Lead with the digital marketing arm of Echo House Ghana Limited. He tells us how he started there, at Digit, and also about his journey into the space of digital marketing.

Capitalizing On His Social Media Presence

After his National Service at SSNIT, Lord was looking to transition into a full-time job. During the transition period, he wrote for a blog. On this blog, he gave his take on current affairs, in a way that managed to entertain as well as inform. Needless to say, he is a person for who wit is easily accessible. In fact, Lord also had a significant Twitter following. He was funny, and his personality managed to draw engagement to his content.

And then came the job recommendation. Echo House, where Lord works currently, had an opening in digital marketing (Digit). Lord Tony was recommended for the role, and eventually landed it based on his skill with words.


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