10 Phrases That People Use In Email That Should Actually Offend You

“Kind Regards”

“Hahaha I just gave you so much work in the email above this, but we’re still professionals”

“According To My Records…”

This means that you need to slow down. Whoever sends this in an email has receipts. You don’t want to get into an argument with them.

“Thanks In Advance”

This is actually so childish. The person just means that they’ve loaded work off on you, and there will be no takebacks. In fact, they’re probably sticking their tongue out as they type this.

“In Case You Missed It…”

This is as passive-aggressive as passive-aggressive gets. You are probably starting to piss this person off.

“Per Policy”

“There’s nothing I can do. I beg. Leave me alone.”

You know how Ned Stark thought everyone was his friend, and it got him killed? Yeah, he couldn’t read emails between the lines either.


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