10 Phrases That People Use In Email That Should Actually Offend You

Email has its own language. And frankly, if you don’t understand this language, you might just overlook some disrespect. When people are all polite in an email, that’s their professionalism. They’re not actually being nice to you. In fact, here are 25 offensive things that people say in an email that you might misinterpret at polite.

“To Put It More Simply…”

Lmao. Your intelligence is maybe, probably, actually definitely being insulted here. Basically, if someone sends you this in an email, they’re calling you an idiot.

“Not Sure If My Last Email Was Received…”

This is email for “Are you seriously airing me??” Put on your polite face, and send a response back.

“Correct Me If I’m Wrong…”

This actually means the opposite of what you think it means. Wash your face, there is no diplomacy here. This person doesn’t want you to correct them. They’re just about to talk ‘at’ you.

“Friendly Reminder…”

In a nutshell, “Ei! So you still no do the work??”

“As Per Our Earlier Conversation On The Matter…”

“Bro, why are you stressing me out? I already told you this. Come on.”


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