Sleeplessness And 3 Other Reasons Why You Need Time Away From Your Phone During The Lockdown


It’s a given that there are going to be long hours of boredom during the lockdown. And the way that we are inclined to cope with that is by looking at our screens from morning till evening. I wish that I was exaggerating, but it seems like there is literally nothing else to do. However, spending so much time in front of screens has negative effects. I’m here to convince you to take a break every once in a while. And here is why you should.

You Deepen Your Connections With Family

I was having a conversation with my dad when my phone buzzed. I looked at it, and when I looked up I had lost track of what he was saying. We are more or less trapped indoors with our families. Instead of seeking the constant escape of our phones and the internet, this is an opportunity to deepen our connections. When we do get out of the lockdown, we are all going to return to our busy schedules, and we won’t have opportunities to spend time together as we do now.


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