Fella And Sister Deborah: Music Video Trendsetters Every Artiste Should Learn From

Fella and Sister Derby are keeping us entertained in the lockdown period. Thank God for that because the boredom is threatening to kill us all.

The two ladies seem to be engaged in a subliminal message battle and it’s only because of one guy… a cheater ex turned husband: Medikal.

Medikal and Fella Makafui at their wedding

Everyone knows the story there so we will not waste your time going into all the sad little details but it’s obvious that the two are engaged in a some sort of a music beef and we are here for it all!

Fella ventured into music and dropped two songs that prove that her husband’s influence on her style is strong and people are pretty sure her one liners may be directed to Sister Deborah after she dropped “Sweet Ex” last week.

Now the one thing about the the two… sorry three songs from the two entertainers that caught our eye were the music videos they both dropped.

Hours after dropping Sweet Ex, Sister Derbie added a video which was produced by Wanlov and was shot in her home. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s very entertaining to watch. She’s literally in one corner of her room having fun with several effects.

Fella Makafui’s videos also show her in different spots in her home including squatting on her kitchen counter, all glammed up and performing her songs.


We thoroughly enjoyed both.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone’s shot a music video in their home. Actually, lots of music videos are shot indoors or have a lot of indoor scenes but what makes these two videos special is the fact that despite artistes talking about how hard the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown orders are on their career now, one of these ladies has launched a music career from her home and the other has shot a music video too all at the same time obeying lockdown orders and staying inside!


Why are we saying all of this? It’s only Cos we are hoping Gh artistes will switch their creativity and give us homemade music videos. Wanlov has successfully shot a whole music video with just a phone and we bet other artistes can too (We hope this shuts the “but we don’t have equipment” whining)

It’s time artistes stopped crying about the pandemic making everyone bored and actually standing up as creatives to give the fans what they want in a unique form that will be appreciated by everyone. 

C’mon, you all use really good phones and if you get stuck, you can slide in the two ladies’ DM for some virtual help.

These homes videos will definitely save you a ton of money and will be fun to shoot too.

Show us something guys. This is the perfect time!

And yeah…thanks to these two beautiful ladies for teaching us a thing or two.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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