Every Reason Why We Agree Fella Makafui Is A Boss Lady With No Size

Fella Makafui dropped two new songs this week: “No Size” and “Over”, adding music to her long list of “self made woman” and we don’t doubt that she will excel at it.


We know people hate on her a lot and always have something to say about her but…

When she said “I get the bigger plan//Making ma sales//More sales than a fisherman” on her new single, No Size, we knew she wasn’t telling a lie!

These are the reasons she’s making sales more than a fisherman (don’t ask us to explain the line please) and why we think she’s a boss lady! 

Fella The Actor 

We first met Fella through her incredible role as Serwaa, the bread seller with the terrible English in YOLO and everyone was drawn to her superb acting. She’s since quit from acting in the series and has gone on to act in other movies as well as getting nominations for her acting roles.

Click the numbers below to see how she’s on her way to becoming a badass BOSS!!


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