10 Things Everyone Who Is Plus Size Can Relate To And What Skinny People Should Know

plus size

In the western world, they can’t say “fat”, but Ghanaians just don’t care! If you have extra flesh, chances are you’ve been called fat or the more annoying “obolo” or “oboshie”. In our society, when people don’t know what boundaries are and think they can comment on anything…well! If you’re a plus size peep, you can easily relate to these things.. read on let’s have a laugh. Now y’all slender people better read too…you might learn a thing or too.

That weight loss journey that never gets completed

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It always starts with hearing about someone’s weight loss story and then you are motivated to begin yours… You get rid of every junk food in your fridge and clean those sneakers for a workout. You think you are prepared for everything that is going to come your way. The first day of workout goes fine…and the second day.and the third day..and then before you realize it, you’re postponing it to the next day…then the next and then your sneakers are back in the closet and you’re munching on some juicy chicken and ham! You totally forget about eating right till you can’t fit into your favourite shirt…then the vicious cycle begins.

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