UEW Lecturers Resort To The Use Of Social Media To Teach Due To The Non-Functioning LMS Platform

Entrance to The University of Education, Winneba (UEW)

After the announcement of the lockdown, the Ministry of Education advised School management to start lectures using ICT which is online studies.

To this effect the University of Education Winneba created an online platform knows as the Learning Management System where students can have one on one lectures with their lecturers but it seems the LMS is not functioning properly or as expected so many lecturers have diverted their focus to using Telegram and Whatsapp for the lectures since it’s more convenient and easy to access.

With WhatsApp and Telegram, all the lecturers have to do is record a voice note or a short video introducing the topics we are going to learn and further add the PDFs.

It’s just simple and easy as compared to the LMS.

We would like to advise students to install the Telegram app and join the lecture groups so they don’t miss out on anything. We would also like to appeal to the school authorities and the SRC to relook at the platform and try as much as possible to solve whatever the issues are.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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