Sarkodie’s Wife Tracy Named His ALPHA Tape And Black Love Album

Sarkodie and Tracy

Sarkodie’s wife Tracy, deserves accolades too and this is us giving it to her.

She has been on Sarkodie’s side since the early days and today, he has become the king of rap in Ghana and Africa.

Sarkodie, is known for releasing amazing projects with well thought through project names.

Well, if you thought the name for the ALPHA Tape project and the Black Love album are dope.

Then it is Tracy who needs to take a bow.

In a Twitter session, Tracy revealed that she named the ALPHA Tape and the Black Love album.

However, it doesn’t mean she is always pre-approving projects before Sarkodie releases them

“We talk about them but he usually already has a vision on what he wants it to be,” she tweeted.

She also revealed that Sarkodie always ensures that she watches the music videos first.

Sarkodie and Tracy are the alpha of black love.


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