Lord Tony And Stephanie Agyeman-Bio’s Tips On Getting Your Brand Noticed On Ghanaian Social Media

When you start a business, you want to reach as many people as possible. After all, the more that people know of your brand, the more business that you get. Social Media has become an important tool in increasing any brand’s influence. As a result, more and more people are investing in their social media presence as part of their marketing efforts. We talk to social media experts Lord Tony and Stephanie Agyeman-Bio. They give us their tips on growing your brand if you can’t afford professional services.

Don’t Leave It With Your Friends

When Lord said this to me I almost laughed. However, he emphasized how important this is. Just because you know someone that is funny or popular on social media doesn’t mean that they can be trusted with a brand. Sometimes, you will notice random and weird behaviour from a brand’s social media account. Lord attributes this to the absence of a professional touch. So, don’t leave it with your friends. That can hurt your image.

Find A Niche

According to Stephanie, it’s better to find a niche than to try and reach everyone with your brand. Targeting your content at a specific demographic is what you want to do to grow your audience. She says that if you have a niche, your content is recommended to consumers when they engage with other creators of content for the same niche. For example, assume all your content is about natural hair. You are more likely to be on the Instagram Explore page of someone who follows other natural hair content.


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