Read How Nigerians Rallied To Help This Suicidal Engineer

The lockdown and people’s inability to go about their normal duties are creating significant mental health challenges for many.

One Nigerian IT professional who goes by the name Truston Ailende or Renegade Knight on Twitter, seemed to have reached his breaking point.

Yesterday, he sent a number of tweets, which were supposed to be his farewell tweets to his friends and family.

He has unfollowed everyone on Twitter and was getting ready to write what would be his last post.

But Nigerians sent out words of encouragement to him.

His sister tried her best to reach out to him but due to the lockdown, she couldn’t go to his house.

It took the collaborative efforts of other Nigerians and a mental health organization called Mentally Aware Nigeria, to reach out to him and offer assistance.

The response was swift and so far so good.

We hope he gets the best of care.


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