UENR: Some Frequently Used Emojis And Their Meanings

Emojis or emotional images are everything to millennials right now. Whether android or iOS, almost everyone enjoys using emojis.

But the thing is most people do not know what most emojis mean making emoticons hard to decode. Words and emoticons are combinations of emojis to mean something. It’s like a code you barb.

So if I send my friends this emoticon 🍆🍑💦 I’m telling them to wash their eggplants and peaches before they eat( I’m not responsible for what you are thinking).

Let’s dive right into meaning of emojis most people get wrong

Sleepy face, sad face or shocked face: The emoji identity crisis ...

First of all the sleepy face emoji. This is supposed to mean you are sleepy or asleep because you have a snot bubble on your nose. It doesn’t mean you are sad or unhappy. Je répète it doesn’t mean you are sad.

Facebook and Instagram ban 'sexual' use of eggplant and peach ...

The first emoji is eggplant and the second is peach. Again this and eggplant and peach meaning you are in love with veggies not whatever you are thinking right now

Relieved Face Emoji (U+1F60C)

Now, this emoji shows signs of relief. It also shows signs of flattery from the person who sent it. This doesn’t mean he or she is sad. Honestly, I don’t why most Ghanaians resort to sadness when they don’t know the meaning of an emoji… homagaad!🤦‍♀‍

What Does 😅 - grinning face with sweat emoji Dictionary.com

Lastly, this emoji means the person is nervous or in distress not happiness

So there you have it. Make good use of these and we will come back with more.

source: Kuulpeeps.com

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