Steps To Access The Ho Technical University Online Platform


Mobile Phone Process

Download the MOODLE APP on Playstore or AppStore

Launch the App, in order to get access to the HTU E-LEARNING PLATFORM. 

Input as the address or URL, your INDEX NUMBER  as your user name.  And a default password: [email protected]

After getting access, kindly change your password to make the learning portal private to you alone.

Laptop/Computer Process

Just launch your web browser and type  as the URL

Then go-ahead to log in.


If you have issues trying to log into the online or using moodle app…

Submit  your report on this form link:

When you submit your report,  it doesn’t mean your problem will be fixed immediately.

It only forwards your information to the IT directorate so that he will fix your account. 

Note that we are many hence solving problems of a huge number of students may take a while.

So the earlier you submit your form, the earlier your problem will be fixed.

After submitting your form, do well to check by trying to log in again with your INDEX NUMBER as USERNAME and [email protected] as a default PASSWORD. 

When you still have issues,

Relax and try again later.

But when your log in goes through,  do well to change your password since the portal is for private academic use.


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