Lancaster: 4 Ways To Move On From That Ex That You See Everyday.

When you are freshly out of heartbreaking relationship, your main concern becomes how to move on from that ex who broke your heart.

For others however, their concern is doubled because, they have to figure out how to forget about the person and also how to make sure the presence of the person doesnt affect them considering the fact that they will be seeing that Ex everyday.

Ladies if we will be true to ourselves, this situation affects us the most but then again who knows some “hard guys” out there may also need these tips so lezzgo!

  • Fish out your pains in order to grieve your loss.

It’s not a funeral o my sister, but you did lose someone. It’s never okay to have been hurt, disappointed, frustrated all in the name of love. You thought it would last but it was just lust. Crying is what speaks when your mouth can’t. Sucks doesn’t it? Having to cry over someone that was a pain in the ass. Let them all out and don’t regret it.

  • Expect the Unforseen.

As for seeing you’d see them when you least expect it. Accidentally running into each other? Relax just a chit-chat would do but, my lady, be smart maintain your boundaries don’t let your mind push you to honeyed speeches. Be straight and walk away confidently and you wouldn’t feel sad or sorry.

  • Keep your cool

Don’t be the person that spazzes out in public when you see them or that makes everyone else around uneasy because you’re uncomfortable. Don’t let someone else or their actions take you out face no matter how foolish they may seem or act.

  • Pick up a Hobby

Find something that takes your mind off the thought of them and put it on anything else. It could be cooking, going to the gym, join a book club, whatever you prefer. Be in your fun world.

Yes and it’s a wrap.

After all this, if it doesn’t work then we are sorry it is no longer a problem of the physical but it is that of the spiritual.

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