CKA Howard: How This 30-Year-Old Man Became A Nursing Father To His Niece

Christian Kirk Ato Howard

It was a normal day in December for Christian Kirk Ato Howard, who was preparing to write his final paper as a Level 200 student of the Methodist University.

Little did he know that his world was about to take a turn for the worse and in the process become a father, to his beautiful niece, whom he didn’t even know existed in her mother’s womb.

Christian was preparing to write an exam on Introduction to Micro Economics when he received a phone call with a surprising message from his mother.

The news was that his little sister, Jacobell Stella Ewurama Howard was at the Winneba hospital and had delivered a baby girl prematurely.

Someone was needed to help with hospital runs… the usual get this medicine, secure this quantity of blood.

Before that phone call, Christian had no clue that his little sister was even pregnant, but he quickly travelled back to Winneba to be there for his sister, or so he thought.

Christian and Aseda. Photo credit: Christian Kirk Ato Howard

As he was done with his paper, he rushed back home to be of a helping hand. He stayed by his sister at the hospital but the baby needed to be placed in an Incubator. The Trauma and Specialist Hospital in Winneba did not have an incubator so the baby had to be transferred to Ridge Hospital in Accra.

Once again, it fell on Christian to see this through. However, before taking his little niece to Ridge, his sister, Jacobell had told him that the little bundle of joy should be called Aseda, it’s a Fante word which means ‘Thanks’ in the English Language.

Aseda was transferred to the Ridge Hospital and placed in the incubator, Christian mounted a watch over his niece whom he was now beginning to love.

Christian and Aseda. Photo credit: Christian Kirk Ato Howard

But a phone call from the doctors in Winneba about his sister going to crisis meant he had to leave Aseda alone in Ridge Hospital and rush back to Winneba.

While there, Christian faced a lot of challenges, while his sister’s health deteriorated. This meant she had to be transferred to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

At some point, Jacobell was unable to express milk for Aseda.

“I tried to suck the breast milk myself. I tried but nothing came out,” Christian told in an interview.

After his unsuccessful attempt at expressing the breast milk himself, Christian had to direct the doctors at Ridge Hospital to give Aseda formula.

Christian and Aseda. Photo credit: Christian Kirk Ato Howard

Shortly after, an ambulance was available to transport his sister to Korle Bu Hospital.

Sadly, Jacobell was pronounced dead on reaching the hospital. Dead at 26 years old, with a prematurely born daughter in an incubator and the baby daddy refusing to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

At that moment, Christian decided to refocus his energy to do whatever he could for Aseda.

Christian and Aseda. Photo credit: Christian Kirk Ato Howard

Ridge Hospital became his new home. He frequently performed the kangaroo mother care so that Aseda would get the bodily contact she needed.

Kangaroo mother care is a method of care for preterm infants (infants born prematurely). The method involves infants being carried, usually by the mother, with skin-to-skin contact.

Christian and Aseda would spend a month in the hospital until she weighed 1.4 kg before they were discharged.

Christian and Aseda. Photo credit: Christian Kirk Ato Howard

Christian’s mother is not in the capacity to care for an infant, his other two senior brothers are also not available.

Christian then made the decision to take Aseda to his house, and not be just an uncle but Aseda’s father or at least play the role as effectively as he could.

Then came another hero, Gifty, Christian’s girlfriend.

Gifty also volunteered to share parental duties with Christian. The two of them becoming Aseda’s guardian angels.

Besides studying for his Purchasing and Supply Chain programme at Methodist University, Christian also works at the Maritime Hospital in Tema, as a result, he runs a care duty shift system with Gifty.

Before his mother called while he was preparing to write his exam back in December 2019, little did Christian know that by January 2020, he would have lost his dear sister and become a de facto father for his preterm niece.

Not all heroes wear capes huh?


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  1. This story is narrated like CKA Howard was the only one at the hospital if I may ask, is the father of the baby dead too or he’s alive and he didn’t do anything at the hospital so CKA Howard has to narrated the story like he did everything and he’s the hero?
    Adopt the baby what about the dad can’t he take care of Aseda?

  2. How unfortunate, when viewers of stores like this are lead to believe the not so true part of the whole story.

    Nii, was thinking you would answer the question solvent asked. Where the biological father of Aseda is or you can’t? Cus you heard one point of the story, felt all emotional about it and blogged it for the world to see without having the feedback answers for the viewers.

    If we all care to know, Aseda’s father is alive and ready to take full custody of his child, but felt it will be best for Aseda to be with her grandmother who had lost a child (Aseda’s mom), so Aseda will be a means of her not thinking about her lost.

    Little did he know that Christian was the one with the child, but he did not stop there but went on to send money for Aseda’s upkeep. Until when Christian knowing what was up his sleeve asked him not to be sending anymore.

    Do you know what the biological father went through when the sister passed away because they were not married but was preparing to………..?

    Let’s not be too judgemental about this and equally stop putting Christian out there as a hero while depriving Aseda the love of his biological father.

  3. Cka Howard this is assassination and defamation ɔf charactɛr my native brɔthɛr this is nɔt right please recɔnsidɛr this approach nɔt fɛrgɛtting you fɛrvɛntly disallowed Joe to read a biography to his lɔvely late wife yɔur sistɛr our friɛnd EWURAMA HOWARD this is nɔt right

    • CKA Howard is not being truthful. The father of the child, and very responsible young man, is alive. He took care of the pregnancy even up to the day of delivery until he CKA abducted the child.


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