5 Myths About Fat Women That You Probably Always Believed Were True

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Fat-shaming women doesn’t help anyone. Here are the top 5 awful things people say about obese women (otherwise known as myths), that just aren’t true:

Myth 1: Fat women should be educated on how to eat better.

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Not true. In fact, because popular society is constantly reinforcing that being a woman of size is undesirable, many women of size have a Ph.D.-worth of knowledge of food, calorie intake, and exercise. When you are an obese woman, you are reminded of it constantly. A woman who has been dealing with obesity knows more than her doctor does about nutrition, so having information and knowledge about calories, carbs, fat, etc. isn’t what she needs more of.

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  1. The woman I’m dating right now is plus sized. I wouldn’t trade her for any other woman. I’m mooting the idea of proposing soon when I have enough resources for that. Plus sized women are great for relationships

  2. Nice facts sis .its funny that alot of people just have the whole idea that fat women are so coz they eat more and dont exercise .nice piece


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