15 Minutes Or Less Home Workouts. Use These Apps

Getting in shape is that one thing that we all want to do. It’s an easy thing to say. However, making the actual commitment is what becomes a bit troublesome. During this lockdown, you don’t have access to the gym. But that’s still not a reason for you not to be able to get into the shape that you want. Here are some great workout apps that only need 15 minutes from you daily.

Fitify: Workout Routines & Training Plans

This app was the Play Store’s Best Rated Workout App of 2019. With over 850 workouts, you don’t feel like you’re being repetitive. Workout plans are customized for maximum effectiveness. So depending on your experience, your goals and time options, the app will be different for you. This also means that it’s easily accessible even if you think you’re not in the best shape.

7 Minutes Workout By Simple Design LTD

This app was featured in the New York Times. As the name suggests workouts take only 7 minutes. It’s a great up if you don’t want extended workouts. And then there’s also the fact that you can do the exercises anywhere. You just need a chair and a wall.


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