Sonnie Badu Condemns Melinda Gates Statement On Africa

Sonnie Badu has taken to his Instagram to reply Melinda Gates, wife of World Billionaire Bill Gates on her statements she made about how Africa is not recording higher cases due to lack of proper testing.

Melinda Gates in an exclusive interview with CNN expressed her worries on how developing countries in Africa are a hard hit for coronavirus due to the lack of some basic amenities like water and public health care facilities.

During the interview, she was asked, When the moment was for her when the coronavirus reality hit her personally.

“When is saw what China had to do to isolate such an enormous part of their population, my first thought was Africa, how in the world are they going to deal with this. I’ve been to townships all over Africa and slums, when we talk about our country physical distancing and handwashing, if you live in a slum you can’t physical distance you have to go out to get your meal you don’t have clean water to wash your hands. She later added, ” We have a crisis on our hands that we aren’t even talking about.”

She went on to say it’s going to be horrible in the developing world and reason for the low report on cases recorded is because they don’t have access to many tests. She further stated a scenario in Ecuador “Look at what’s going on in Ecuador they’re putting bodies out on the street, you’re gonna see that in Countries in Africa.” Melinda said in the Interview.

Sonnie Badu, however, gave Melinda Gates a piece of his mind in relation to her interview in his Instagram post:

You are not God … You are only human, Just like us. Do not over step your boundaries, don’t worry your time will be up soon … Africa will surprise the world, that is why for the first time we are ahead of you all … Madam, keep quite 😡😡😡😡😡😡 … my name is BADU


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