GH Twitter Reacts To This Girl’s Birthday Party Despite Lockdown Orders

Despite the fact that there’s a lockdown and a ban on public gatherings, GH Twitter users found out that someone had thrown a birthday party and was excitedly posting on Snapchat.

The reactions were probably because every day someone condemns people for defying lockdown rules and most of the time, the excuse given is “these are the average Ghanaian. They probably don’t understand what is going on. They have nowhere to go… etc”

So y’all can imagine the shock when they found out that someone like them: Young, literate and very social media savvy was doing the wrong thing!

Someone tried to defend them and said the people at the party were less then 25 so it was cool

And the dragging began!!!

People are extremely mad at them and think the police should arrest them for denying the rules but..

At the end of it all, we all need to understand this

Stay safe. STAY INDOORS! And please act like anyone outside your home is infected… it’s make it easier for you to take the necessary precautions.


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