Doing These Things Can Prevent You From Getting Promoted At Work

There are certain habits we have that are just annoying. And then there are some things that we do that can actually hamper our chances of advancement at work. Here are some things that you may be doing that keep you from success at work.

Using Too Much Conversation Filler When You Speak

We are all guilty of this at times. However, using “um” or “like” excessively can affect our advancement at work. Communication is an important part of most jobs. Using conversation filler constantly makes you appear unsure of what you’re saying. It may also create the impression that you don’t think what you’re saying is right.

Having A Relationship With A Coworker

Office relationships can get messy because no matter what happens, you still need to work with the person. You should know how to navigate an office relationship. Although, even if you do take precautions having a failed romance at work can still affect how you feel about your job. And when you don’t feel great about work, it can affect what you produce.


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