#CovidHeroes: How Criss Waddle Became A Hero To Ghanaians

Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

As the cases of coronavirus began to rise in the country, there was a heightened sense of awareness.

The messages on the need to wash one’s hands regularly and the frequent use of hand sanitizers were reechoed often.

With reports of shortages and price hikes of hand sanitizers in town, business mogul and musician, Criss Waddle took it upon himself to ensure that all his fellow residents in Tema had their own hand sanitizers.

After sharing the initial hand sanitizers to the residents of Tema, requests started coming in.

And Criss Waddle didn’t turn a deaf ear, he was eager, he was ready and he was willing to help the only way he knew he could.

Upon request, Criss Waddle secured more hand sanitizers for Konongo Odumasi Government Hospital in the Ashanti Region.

Two other hospitals in Tema also received hand sanitizers from Criss Waddle.

The Tema General Hospital and the Tema Healthwise Medical Center.

The hospitals have also shown their appreciation for his kindness and his generosity towards frontline healthcare workers.

Tema General Hospital gave him a much-regarded Letter of Appreciation

This week, Criss Waddle and Medikal will be providing food for 500 people who will be in need as President Akufo Addo has extended the lockdown by one more week.

In the midst of covid19 crisis, Criss Waddle has become a hero to many and an inspiration for others to also emulate.



Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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