How To Say No At Work

Nobody wants their superiors or coworkers to feel like they’ve been slacking off at work. As a result, it’s easier to say ‘yes’ to whatever is throw our way than to say ‘no’. This does more harm than good. You might end up disappointing the people that have assigned work to you, or even still you run the risk of burning yourself out. Here are some tips for saying ‘no’ when you can’t handle an addition to your workload.

Be Honest And Confident

Sometimes there are situations in which you can’t say ‘no’ directly. For example, if the person asking you to do some work is in a position of authority over you. In these type of situations, the best thing to do is, to be honest. Explain your current priorities, and tell the person what deliverables you have on your plate. Let them understand why you can’t take an addition to your current workload.


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