God Used These Ingredients In Creating GH Men And Women


One minute we are all over each other and the next, we are at each other’s throats….

That’s love.

A girl went on Tiktok just to show the world how God made Ghanaian men. She had an interesting bunch of ingredients.

An empty bowl of height

A few drops of handsomeness

A bucket full of Stingy

A tablespoon full of good D

A bowl full of laziness

And an even bigger bowl full of Mummy’s boy

The perfect ingredients for a complete Ghanaian man (according to her).

Take a look:

Now of course y’all know how sensitive our sweet Gh men are so a lot of them fought back!

They even teamed up and got Instagram to delete her post because it was “hateful”

Tiktok too!

The GH men were so triggered!

Yeah they also made it a huge point to point out that she couldn’t spell Ghanaian…

A lot of “You dey explain” too…

Our GH men were not happy and that was a problem. Until one of them turned their sadness into unending joy!

“Why be miserable when we can hurt you back?”

Prince Dovlo, a well known music video director “saved” Ghanaian men by doing his own Tiktok, depicting how God created Ghanaian women.

The ingredients… very interesting.

A can of beauty

A bowl of makeup

A shot (1 tot) of fitness/gyming

An empty bucket of “Good in bed”

A blender full of botos

And a bucket full of Momo

Take a look:

Now it looks like the GH men are happy and satisfied and the ladies… lowkey hurt.

Will there be a gender war on Twitter later today? We do not know but… we will keep you informed.

PS: Ghanaians are all amazing regardless.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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