THREAD: A Caretaker Details How She Helped Her Husband Recover From Coronavirus

There have been various third-person accounts of how people recovered from coronavirus and the symptoms they endured.

However, we have had very few first-person accounts or clear details from primary caretakers of how they helped coronavirus patients recover.

Civil rights activist and the founder of the Me Too movement, Tarana Burke has taken to Twitter to give a detailed explanation of how she helped her partner to go on the path of recovery from coronavirus.

In a thread, Tarana talks about how her partner contracted the virus, their visit to the hospital and the home remedy she used to get her partner to recover from coronavirus.

See her thread below:

Remember, it’s not just “a common flu” or “cold|. Stay at home.

If you’re in Accra, Kasoa or Kumasi, the President has added one more week to lockdown. Please observe it.


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