The “Put Yuh Back In It” Challenge Is Our New Favourite Challenge!

Because everyone around the world is bored right now and having fun on TikTok, several challenges keep coming up!

We’ve seen the Don’t Rush Challenge, Savage challenge and ermm a lot more (Some really have no names!!!) but… there’s a new challenge and it’s slowly picking up!

The Put Yuh Back In It challenge! Ladies (and gents) basically “learn how to twerk” over a beat while they pretend to be the instructor yelling “Put yuh back in it! Just a little more!”

The sound excerpt is from DJ Flex’s song, Put Your Back In It and it’s the ultimate Jamaican tune!

These are our favourite ones so far and ermm if you are an ass person…

welcome to heaven!

Some put some comedy to it and made it extra entertaining!

Click the numbers below to see more!


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