KNUST: Here Are Some Tips To Help You Memorize Stuff Easily

We know most of you guys have started with online classes both with the school’s virtual classrooms and other platforms but the question is, Can you recall what you were taught when we are back from our “summer break”? The Sharks will say yes but what of the average student? That’s why we are here, we got you guys covered.

Here are a few tips to memorize anything in just 60 seconds. You read that right 60 seconds p3.

Try and Visualize whatever you are learning. You have to make graphic what you are learning or what you are being taught, link it with a picture or even a video or movie. This method creates a visual cue in your brain so anytime you recall the visual cue, you will automatically remember what you learnt.

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Make short notes. Making of brief notes that hammer on salient points is a proven way to help memorize a fact faster. Personally I take note of keywords in a definition and note them, with that you can form your own definitions even when you are under pressure.

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Try saying what you learnt out loud over and over again. This is basically repetition, repeat something over and over and over again is a way by which your brain sometimes picks up a new habit or a new piece of info. The more you are repeatedly saying or reading a piece of info the more likely you are to have it memorized.

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Most importantly, guys learning is not a rushed activity but requires patience, a clear mind and 100% attention, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t recall at first just take time and repeat. After all slow and steady wins the race.

If you have all these boxes checked, then chale in no time you might be one of the sharks in your class after our “summer break”.


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