5 Things Your Friends Shouldn’t Know About Your Relationship

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We get it. They’re your friends. They’ve been your best friends since childhood but still, they do not need to know everything going on in your relationship.

There’s always the chance that even if your partner does something wrong to you, you will forgive. They won’t. They’ll keep seeing your partner as that type of person even when you’ve given him/her the benefit of doubt.

You can say a couple of things but there should be a line you shouldn’t cross.

Here are some things you shouldn’t talk about with your friends.

  1. Details about your sex life
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We think this goes without saying but some of you really need to be reminded. Do NOT discuss the nitty-gritty of your sex life with your friends. You shouldn’t let them know about your partner’s kinks in bed or how often you have sex or even when you aren’t having sex. Your sex life should not become someone else’s fantasy. That is how you’ll lose your partner to one of your “friends”.

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