Watch Ronaldinho’s Reaction When He Was Told He Will Be Released From Prison


Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis were released from prison in Paraguay, 32 days after they were arrested and jailed for allegedly using fake passports to enter the country.

However, the brothers have not been granted total freedom as they have been placed under house arrest in a hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay, while they await trial on their charges.

But being under house arrest is better and much more comfortable than being in jail.

Prior to their release from jail, Gustavo Amarilla –the judge handling the case– via Skype, informed Ronaldinho and his brother of their release and gave them some vital instructions and conditions of the house arrest.

Lawyers for Ronaldinho and his brother posted a $1.6 million bail on their behalf, after a previous application was denied because authorities deemed the pair to be a flight risk.

Ronaldinho, as always, kept a smile throughout the conversation and was glad to receive such news from the judge.

Watch his reaction below:


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